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Who is dumber Woody or Chris?


Who is dumber Woody or Chris?  

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  1. 1. Who is dumber Woody or Chris?

    • Woody
    • Chrissy
    • They are equally dumb

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5 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I think they're pretty smart. They invested in a business opportunity that was so lucrative that they could run it into the ground as hard as possible and it would still print money for them.

Show me a better decision you made in your life.

I became a JETS fan... no matter what I do or spend, I get laid.  I mean screwed, or better said, fukked.

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It's so amusing to me that people think Christopher Johnson is autonomously running this franchise.  

He is house sitting while his big bro is on an extended vacation.  

The problem isn't Chris Johnson. The problem was and is Woody Johnson.

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2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

I dislike billionaires and feel they should be removed from society using sharks.


it should be like Dante's inferno or an episode of the Twilight zone

sharks is a specific one for a dude who really hates sharks

Woody Johnson should obviously be buried in baby powder extra asbestos

Bob Kraft should be jerked to death etc 

among his other reponsibilities, I nominate @TomShane to be in charge of this portion of revolution 


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6 hours ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

Neither of them understand how to run an NFL team and they should sell to someone who does. 

Really? They learned a long time ago more and easier profits putting a cheaper loser on the field than paying to build a contender.

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I said both because I dont believe they hired Gase with out talking first. I know if I am going to hire someone into a critical position in franchise I would bring that to a few trusted people and board members before extending any offers. I did that before i hired anyone and hated the responsibility that went with firing people so I quickly changed Jobs where that was not on my shoulders. 

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Different reasons for being bad owners...Chris is dumber but...

Woody - I don't think he's all that dumb but he had too strong a focus on PR than he did on winning.  He thought Opinions first and Winning second.  Terrible thing for an owner.

Chris - I think he's simply in WAAAAAY over his head and likely weak willed.  He seems to be manipulated too easily.  

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I'm just glad we have gotten past the baffling concept of Chris being something other than a completely clueless idiot that inexplicably cropped up around here for a while, despite absolutely no justification whatsoever.

Woody has obviously been dumber for far longer, but Chris's decisions from this past January easily takes the award for the absolute dumbest... and that's no easy task.

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