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Rex Ryan wants Redskins job after Jay Gruden is fired, but here's why they definitely should not hire him

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This is a lot of gnashing of teeth for nothing. Rex said he wanted the job. I think he would take any HC job available and he said that people would line up for the job--including him. This is not a big deal. The line in the story that he is begging for the job is not substantiated beyond quoting these far less than begging comments made on TV. 

I'm not sure any team puts Rex back in as head coach but he could probably get back as a defensive coordinator in college or pro if he wanted. Instead it seems like he enjoys being a personality on TV and maybe he would rather have the cushy job on TV over long hours and stress of coaching any position below head coach. If we can be honest about things Rex is a lot of fun to watch run his mouth when losses are not on the line which makes him great for the job he is doing right now. 

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