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Cynthia Freuland Predicts....


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10 minutes ago, TJ said:

She's a 6

Her MSc in Predictive Analysis (and her smoking body) makes her a solid 8.5


In other news, I saw a legit 10 last night. Girl was at the VIP grand opening for West Palms new Drive Shack, one booth over from Michael Jordan..breathtaking blond (the girl, not MJ) 


I hate being old. LOL

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3 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

One guy: posts pic of hottie

Next guy: post pic of “hotter” hottie, a sure sign of sexual orientation insecurity



1 minute ago, CTM said:

Lol, you tree dwelling ninjer.

Mine was better tho

Blah blah blah 

Yea blah blah blah 

Both of you basement dwellers calm down and enjoy the scenery. 

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55 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

I like watching Cynthia Freuland predict things.

I'd really like an hour long show where her and Ponder sit poolside together in bikinis and discuss analytics.

Or anything else they wanted to. 

I'd watch 

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