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Today's win was bittersweet

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8 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

It is! And do you want to know what I find funniest about it? It's how you pretend like you meant all along to get a rise out of people and see what kind of reactions you can get, and that you take pride in what you accomplished here, but in actuality it, it bothers you so much that you edit your initial post just to make sure that people know it was all just a really funny joke to begin with.

Your obvious insecurity, to me, is the real joke here. I'd actually think more of you if you just admitted you whiffed and moved on. It happens to all of us, from time to time.

I didn't post it to get a rise out of people.  I posted it because I thought it was an obviously absurd statement that people would get a laugh out of.  If anything, it was to meant to lightly poke fun at the people on here who were badly disappointed that the Jets weren't able to sign him.  And to laugh at our "misfortune" because we've got a young FQB in Sam.

Note that I never wanted the Jets to sign Cousins.  I always thought he was fool's gold.  


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9 minutes ago, Ken Shroy said:

Sure, as we can all detect humor from texts on a forum. Perhaps you should do standup.

I assumed it was obvious from the absurdity.  People were even posting stuff like "are you serious".

It's similar to saying now something like "Chad > Brady"

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