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He looked good and still did not get to the Qb or make a huge game changing play.

I'll take a top end OL, CB, WR, OLB/pass rusher, TE, RB over a DT any day of the week.

We will be dumping Leo and then Quinnen can be the next guy to get double teamed for a few years and totally neutralized.

Hey it is good to have good players at as many position as you can but the jets under mac filled almost no hard to find premium positions.  (We do have the QB though.)

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21 hours ago, JiF said:

Small sample size, Q. Will looks like what I thought he'd be; a clog in the middle, potentially elite vs. the run.  If he can develop a pass rush, he'll be dangerous.  As great as Donald is, he only had 1 sack in first 6 games.  Getting to the QB is hard and not everyone figures it out right away.  Especially at DT.  I compared him to another Bama stud, Jonathan Allen.  Allen had 1 sack his rookie season, 8 his 2nd year. 

I hope Q. Will figures that part of his game out because if he doesnt, it will be tough watching Josh Allen ball out each week.  Kid is unreal.  19 tackles, 4 sacks, FF, 5 TFL, 8 QB hits, 2 PD.  Ugh.



Leo Williams version 2.0

He had a good game but still with a lot of almost got to the QB.

As for seeing more snaps?  The jets like many teams rotate interior guys.  Smart teams do not let you rotate by hurrying it up.

Another reason not to draft a DT high ever if you are going to rotate.

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