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Any doctors on here?

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1 hour ago, BloodGreen said:

25 years as an ER RN. If the spleen were to rupture we would know it immediately. His spleen is fine. Once the inflammation is gone from the effects the viral load, he is out of danger.

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I'll take a 25-year ER RN any day of week and twice on Sunday over a Doctor. 



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Physician here. He would know right away. Risk gets lower every week be gets further away from the original infection date. They probably will check with ultrasound again to ensure the swelling is continuing to stay down. Stamina could be a bit of an issue for this whole season but again not to the point where we should be seeing major problems. Obviously each case is different so makes it hard to predict with 100% certainty. 

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6 hours ago, batman10023 said:

Still Sam stayed in can we assume his spleen was fine?  Does it get checked after every game to make sure it didn’t rupture?

We are talking about spleen, not dead cells. You don’t need a doc to tell you it’s ruptured. Sam himself can tell you that. That’s assuming he doesn’t pass out from pain. 

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