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Today is 10/14/2019: Rank The QBs From The 2018 Draft

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9 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Not ashamed to admit I was in a similar camp.  I thought Rosen would be better.  Obviously he's had a very, very rough deal entering the NFL and I still don't think he's gotten a good opportunity (between 1 year under Steve Wilks in AZ and now on the worst team in football), but it's clear he can't rise above any of those circumstances.  Rosen looked like the safe, polished, accurate QB who makes good decisions coming out of college.  But he was never the guy giving you those types of Wow moments with either his arm or his legs.  At least with Darnold, Allen, Mayfield, Lamar we've seen each of them make at least a handful of jaw-dropping plays that make you say, "Whoa!  This guy is flashing some greatness."  Haven't really seen that with Rosen at all.


10 minutes ago, HessStation said:

I think I was a 






guy but my opinions went all over the place in order due to my lack of backbone pre draft media harping.

i did have a boner for Rosen and Jackson and was weary of Mayfield. Weary of Allen too but his size/cannon arm/legs made me a little scared to sh*t on him too much. Darnold was always kind of down the middle and in a lot of ways the safest 

I was always worried about Rosen because of the background he came from... It didn't seem like when push came to shove that he was going all in for a team... That at any point he might just pick up and leave. 

That said, he has been given a raw deal... It's unfortunate because I think this will only fuel speculation that he will retired early... If he had been given a better shot like in Baltimore or Pittsburgh I think you would see a lot different Rosen. 

I was in the Mayfield first and Sam next. I was surprised that the Browns let Sam slip. Mayfield is better then he is playing... He needs a better coach... The kid is extremely smart, and will come back and live a long time in this league... He is extremely accurate... 

But here we are and I am so glad the Jets ended up with darnold. 

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