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Today is 10/14/2019: Rank The QBs From The 2018 Draft

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Right Now

1) Jackson- He's putting up impressive numbers on the air, and ground. Plus his team is in 1st. Easy choice right now.

2) Darnold- Ever since he hurt his foot last year he's been the most impressive. Just need to see him keep it up for a few more games to give him a safe 1st place vote. However yesterday did really add fuel to the fire. 

3) Allen- Numbers aren't that impressive, but his team is 4-1. And although those 4 wins have been with tons of luck, and against poor teams he has shown some good clutch ability. 

4) Mayfield- Reallllllyyyyy struggling. His numbers are bad plain and simple, although his hyped up supporting cast has been nothing but disappointing so far.

5) Rosen- He was just benched, and has a 50 QB rating this year. Bad team or not, it's a bad look.


When All Is Said and Done

1) Darnold- Has the best mix between current ability, and ceiling. If he keeps up the pace like yesterday, and the final 4 games of last year; him at 1 is a no brainer. Because his biggest knock was turnovers, and if he can limit them; there's nothing in the way of his stardom (aside from another case of mono).

2) Jackson- Don't think he has super impressive passing skills, but they're good enough to strike a scary balance between his legs, and arm. He's gonna win a ton of games until he blows out his legs.

3) Mayfield (Could easily be flip flopped for Jackson)- Though he's struggling now, he still showed a ton last year and I believe he could salvage his performance and remind people why he was so hyped. Just worried about his decision making (on and off the field)

4) Allen- Has had a streak of some nice wins, and has one of the biggest cannons known to man. However I just don't feel that he can sustain a long term career unless he greatly improves his passing skills.

5) Rosen :(- The definition of being thrown to the wolves. Pre-draft I was high on him, but he's been dealt the worst hand this league has to offer. It'll take something special to save this young man's career. I really do feel bad for Rosen

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