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Today is 10/14/2019: Rank The QBs From The 2018 Draft

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34 minutes ago, Legend Killa7 said:

I don't get all the Lamar love.  RG III says hi.  We have seen this all before, and it never works out; the QB gets hurt and then it's all downhill.  Is he really the one to change this trend?  hey, maybe he is and I'll eat crow, but I need to see it be sustainable before I believe.

I'm not looking to argue here, but look at these lists, LOL. Most of them are just projecting love and hope toward the home team guy.

How can you take anyone who has Darnold first or second seriously? There is no defending it, except by saying you're a hopeful Jets fan, hoping your guy turns into who you want him to be..

He wasn't the best last year, and he's played 2 games this year. Yet they KNOW. They just know it's true.  :rolleyes:

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