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Sam Darnold named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

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20 hours ago, Beerfish said:

I get nervous about all the accolades.  Just like in the Dallas game where the announcers were praising him like crazy, next play interception!

We were so lucky the Giants took a RB and the Browns took a baby.

If the annoucers didnt praise him then it would be looked at as the announcers are out to get him. A year or so later when Darnold is good enough for fans not to be so nervous then they'll talk about how the announcers hated on him because they never said anything nice or praised other guys. Sometimes it's just best to say what you feel, and so far they've been correct in their praise.

It's great that they see and praise the talent, even if followed up with a pick. The fact is that Darnold ended the game strong and bounced back from the INT while completely changing the vibe of the team. 

If you do that, more often than not this is how you become good. Consistency and at times things going in your favor.

That's football.

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