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Sam Darnold named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

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4 hours ago, Beerfish said:

I get nervous about all the accolades.  Just like in the Dallas game where the announcers were praising him like crazy, next play interception!

We were so lucky the Giants took a RB and the Browns took a baby.

I love the mindset that the game is affected by what the announcers think.:)  

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13 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

This year? Baker played 6 games, Sam has played two.

Baker is 2-4, Sam is 1-1, so nothing much has really happened has it?

Sam continues to show an ability to play well against winning teams and beat them.  

Something Baker can’t seem to do

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7 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

We could go back and forth with each of us throwing out the stats which support who we favor in this discussion.

I could counter what you said here by saying Baker has 9 wins, Sam has 5. Then you could bring up Baker's # of career ints as opposed to Sam's, and I counter with the number of TD passes they have. Blah bla blah, we're never going to convince each about Mayfield, no matter how hard we try, my friend.

Baker was the better QB last year, this year he hasn't been very good at all, in fact he's been bad. Sam has only played two games this year. The first wasn't very good in my opinion, but he had a valid excuse. Sunday he was terrific. If he continues to play near that level, I'll be as happy as anyone else here. I want him to play well and help the Jets win.

As far as Baker goes, there's no doubt he has to be better then he's been. I think he will, but my thinking that means nothing more then those who "think" something about any player. It's not even halfway through their second seasons. I enjoy talking about the 5 QBs picked in '18, and I enjoy it when people go back and forth about them with me. The thing is though we're only talking about our opinions and projections. It's way too early to know for sure about any of them.

No we cant on this one.  Baker has one win against a winning team.  

He leads the league in INTs

He leads the NFL in INTs since he started, a full season and a game.

Baker has played on the better team both seasons.

He has had a top RB 2 seasons with a top OL.  Sam has the better RB this year but not the OL

Baker has the better WRs by far.  

And I'll take Darnold, his size, arm, touch, release, disposition etc every day.

I also would never go to the Browns board and start a debate there, would expect their fans to defend their guy.  You should pick up on that



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7 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Those are your opinions, so you're entitled to them. I don't agree, and I'm entitled to mine also. I think I already said that however.

As far as your last point, be better then that. You usually are.

This isn't only a Jets board, it's a football board, and it would be pretty boring for you if everyone here agreed with your opinion, so don't preach to me about defending another team's player who I happen to have liked since he was in college. You should pick up on that.

The INTs arent opinion, theyre fact as is the fact that hes only beaten one team with a winning record.

Dont mean its a Jets board and you cant talk about another QB but having a mancrush on another QB, youre going to hear it, just as I would expect to hear it if I talked up a competitor on another teams board.

What I'm really saying is I dont get the whole Baker thing.  His fans here loved him before he stepped on the field and he never played here.  I can appreciate others who play on other teams but I dont care enough about them to talk about them as if theyre movie stars, all gaga over a player I dont even watch, for a team I dont give a damn about

BTW, nice Idzik like presser talking up Baker yesterday by Dorsey.  Not just Jets fans apparently 

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