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Allen, Rosen, Mayfield, Jackson, Darnold

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Lamar is by far the best of the bunch so far.  Hes lethal.  Sam is ascending after last weeks performance.

1 - Jackson

2 - Allen

3 - Darnold

4 - Mayfield

5 - Rosen


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Well, my attempt to be OBJECTIVE about the QB's taken last season says Darnold is the best of the bunch. Not because he's a Jet and I'm biased, but because he's been the most impressive, traditional passer out of the bunch. Next I would put Baker Mayfield. IMO, he's a very good QB that just needs more time to learn how to be more responsible with the football. Right now based purely on statistics, I would place him in third place. But once again he will get better. Third, for me is Lamar Jackson. He's a very good QB that adds that running element. 

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I have seen this Mile Heimerdinger rumor for some time now and have never seen proof of this. Did someone on the Colts say he did this and did CJ say he gave Mike the authority to consummate a trade? Mac was a bad GM but I don't  think CJ ever delegated authority  to someone else to trade away draft picks. 

Heimerdinger had the prior relationship with Ballard and made the trade over drinks. Macc gave his blessings.

If not for Heimerdinger, no trade happens and no Darnold.

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