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7 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Surreal how bad Nate Solder is. My god. He makes Kelvin Beachum look like Orlando Pace.

In New England you’re allowed to Hold, you know that.

He should send about 90% of that massive contract to Brady (for being Madison Avenue’s choice to represent the NFL), but mostly to charity.  The guy is stealing.

Just amazing how when virtually ANYONE leaves New England, not only are they nothing special anymore, they move 180 degrees almost to garbage.

Look at this sack of sh*t “D guru” Matt Patricia, his defense getting their doors blown off at Home today.  Anytime they needed to make a critical stop, they failed.

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12 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Dalvin Cook is who I thought he was.

You take a RB that high, 1st or 2nd Rd, and he busts, as a GM, you might lose your job.  If you’re Maccagnan better to take virtually all skill positions in the 6th or 7th Rd....Cook in the 2nd Rd (he had some personal red flags) wasn’t “safe” enough.  Nice to see him lead the league in rushing haha.

But I’m getting over it more and more. If Maccagnan and Bowles weren’t as rancid as they were....NO lucking into SAM DARNOLD.

None of the long awaited fun of watching Darnold quickly become one of the best QBs in the NFL.

By the way, objectively, Darnold is 10x the QB Danny Dimes is, who looks like a glorified Dave Brown to me.

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