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****The official Jets/cheaters game thread****

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“They say it can’t be done They say we have no chance  Well let me tell you something  Any man can be beat on any given day “ LaDainian Tomlinson 1/18/11    

Gase might be bad, but at least he’s not the one puking out these wretched Star Wars sequels 

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7 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

Oh, that is great, Pat players handing out balls in our Stadium. Lol, it just doesn't  get better than that

uncontested too, shady 12 jersey in the picture, did not see much green - hard to argue with selling tickets especially if the chowds paid up - this game is a nightmare but not totally unexpected 

and as the resident chowd said - it's only a game

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Just now, Pac said:

meh..  this banter isn't funny when a game is being played and they're getting crushed..  do me a favor and gfy for now.


It never was funny.  The one joy I get out of games like this is having your wrongness displayed for the world to see.  

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