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****The official Jets/cheaters game thread****


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6 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

No they’re losing because the Jets are bad. That said, make a statement on offense at home with a rejuvenated QB because you’re an offensive guru. Don’t give Tom Brady the first chance to drive the ball. 

The Jets D this season has been better than the O, Moseley was back and most teams defer if they win the toss to get more  2nd half possessions. 

Can’t believe this is what people are bitching about...you know, more than say the play of the OL and Lack of QB pressure on D

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Just now, Pac said:

There's no need to point out what's going on here..  I know you're making Creepy and 80's night but you're smart enough to know what's happening with this game.

I am but a mere spectator, certainly no expert like yourself and Ken, a mortal, you might say; but to me it appears that the team that Mike Macaggnan assembled for this season is probably not making the playoffs. 

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