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****The official Jets/cheaters game thread****

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I posted a pic in the game thread of my pup, Layla, last week, and the result was great. So, I figured I’d try it one more time. So today, me and my dog, are going to watch Jamal and his dawgs, p

“They say it can’t be done They say we have no chance  Well let me tell you something  Any man can be beat on any given day “ LaDainian Tomlinson 1/18/11    

Gase might be bad, but at least he’s not the one puking out these wretched Star Wars sequels 

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3 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Look how clean that pocket is. Astro-turf - stuff was brutal on the joints.

 Testaverde on opening day with the Jets being Vegas favorites for the Super Bowl sustained a destroyed Achilles with no contact with any defender...not so good times. 

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5 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

The last two sucked. 

This, and I didn’t even bother with ‘The Last Jedi’.

But they’ve pretty much all sucked since the original trilogy.

Even ‘The Force Awakens’ was just a decent, passable entry that was clearly a reboot of the original.

I honestly can’t understand why anyone gives a sh*t anymore.

Releasing the original, unaltered trilogy on blu-ray would excite me 100x more than another new film in the franchise.

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