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Does anyone besides Mosley Poole and Bell have any pride for the game they play.


Adams is not a leader please Adam worshippers. Stop. Before you get this stupid management to shed 100,000s. On a glorified box safety whose mouth and dancing show up more on highlights than game changers. 


This team sucks really bad. We cannot afford to sign this box safety to a huge deal. Trade him or let him go. He's a more talented smarter vontez miles.

Did you guys see Marcus Peters. That dude has a knack for making turnovers. Thata who we need. If you get beat in coverage at least have the IT factor to come up making turnovers. 

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1 minute ago, bealeb319 said:

Adams shows up for every game and plays good football...sorry you don't appreciate the position he plays and don't like that he opens his mouth but if everyone played with the effort that he does we would have a winning football team so your opinion is null.

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I'd trade him and his 2 career interceptions for a first rounder in a heartbeat. No way I'm paying this guy 90 Mill+ like Landon Collins.


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