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Thursday Night Football

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23 minutes ago, Paradis said:

I wish there was a way/competition/event where a couple of a draft-nerds could be on "Stage B" throughout the draft, making their picks -- then have that reviewed a year or two later.... I really don't think these GMs are as good as we assume. I think paralysis by analysis, and war room politics play a big part. They don't see the forest through the trees, and tunnel vision takes over. 

It’s slowly happening, but the NFL is still due for their enlightenment period where these front offices are just filled with Ivy and MIT guys like the other two major  sports. 

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2 hours ago, Paradis said:

FTR, I was the Jets in the 2017 JN mock draft and I took Dalvin Cook at #6, over a safety.... 

Not only did the Jets disagree with me, they doubled down with - "Fck you paradis, we're take yet ANOTHER safety in the 2nd before your boy Cook" 

Clearly, the egg is now on my face. 

I was there 1,000,000% and I was literally pounding the table in a bar screaming Dalvin Cook.  I was stunned when the went Safety again, even though I really do like Maye.

The thing that's really killing our Drafts are these 3rd, 4th and 5th round screwups.  The Jachai Polites, Nathan Shepherds, Ardarius Stewarts, etc. should have been Centers, Guards and (better) Wide Receivers.

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4 hours ago, New York Mick said:

If they don’t draft oline and offense this year I might give up. 

With these owners we have I don't have any hope. They hired a Miami failure of a coach. This effing team consistently embarrasses us first butt fumble than ghost. Its always on prime tv vs the pats

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14 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

Fast moving game. 

Washington has some decent Wr's 

You ain't kidding.  I like the two rookies McLaurin and Harmon a lot.  And like last year's rookie Quinn.  If Haskins can play, they are giving him some really good weapons.  THey need TE and if Guice can't do it after his 2nd injury of his young career, they will need a RB.

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46 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Vikings top to bottom are the most talented team in the league.  That is why I have them representing the NFC in the super bowl against the Chiefs.

agree with this.  LOL because Cousins is the weak link in the offense.  The run blocking is outstanding and Cook should have been a Jet. dammmit

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11 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

Garrett Bradbury at Center.  I wanted the Jets to trade down from #3 (maybe twice) and get somebody like him in the mid-teens.


most of us did.  But we have a run stopping 4-3 DT instead. Never mind that we use a 3-4 most of the time.   BPA, you know.  Barf. 

Maccagnan is a boob.  He should be fired.  And as much as I like Bell, Cook should have been a Jet on the cheap for the next 4 years.  

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3 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Cousins has been the best qb in the nfl in the month of October.  Hes not a weak anything.

Great October for sure.  Best in the NFL.  How 'bout that September?  That's the whole point of Cousins.  He's very streaky.  His whole career. Great highs and bad lows.  Someone on a fantasy site pointed out how bad his night game prime time games were.  His production in those was dreadfully lower than his overall.  I pulled him from a lineup this week after I read that.  :)  I was one of the guys who was neither enthusiastic nor horrified by the thought of Mac signing Cousins.  That's how desperate I felt for any competent QB at the moment: Just get me one.  Stat.  There were legit arguments for pursuing Cousins.  And also for drafting a QB instead and foregoing Cousins  

However, my point was that think that his Oline, WRs, RBs (BOTH of them) rate higher than the rest of the competition in the league than does Cousins vs other QBs.  I think he is indeed the weakest part of the great Minnesota offense.  That doesn't mean he hasn't been good.  You need to read me more literally.  I was not saying he is BAD.  I'm not one of those haters on Cousins.  Just realistic about him.

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