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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.

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If you watch this game and think Darnold is the issue, or even remotely close to the issue, you are crazy.  

Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.

God damnit, Darnolds a bust again!

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8 minutes ago, CTM said:

Ah, sorry for your loss. RIP Uncle Jimmy


10 minutes ago, JiF said:

Wanted to, Klacko had great tickets.  Unfortunately, the Jets lost a long time fan this week, my Uncle Jimmy.  So I'm kicking it with Pops today watching it at his house. 

Jeezus. Yeah, sorry JiF.

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1 minute ago, CTM said:

Hmm..  This is probably closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.  I'd take Darnold, and I'm sure a % of GM's as well but I wouldn't be surprised if as much of 3/4 of them would take Minshaw

Try the exercise with Minchew for a late round pick and Darnold for a 1st and 3 2nds.

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3 minutes ago, ItsTheSameOldJets said:

Anyone else getting pissed at the Ref, dude has such a punchable face

Yes, he smirks when the calls go against the Jets. 

Meanwhile, nice play by anonymous Dlineman with the strip sack. Leo who?

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