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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.

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If you watch this game and think Darnold is the issue, or even remotely close to the issue, you are crazy.  

Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.

God damnit, Darnolds a bust again!

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This team is bad overall from a talent standpoint. The roster management has been poor for years which has been stated multiple times. Additionally I don't think Gase is the right leader for the team. Doesn't have the right makeup. You don't just leave the defense to the coordinator. Good coaches are in tune with both as with any manager type position. This defense is a reflection of Williams. Tons of pressure that may hit but can also burn you. Just overall painful to watch because there isn't much to enjoy. 

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8 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

Your argument that he’s played one good game in 2019 doesn’t really strengthen your overall point as much as you want to.

Listen to your son, he understands.

And somehow the Bills game, with mono was the best QB performace against the Bills.  But it wasnt a good game.

Add the Cowboys game that would be two.  

Its an internet world, overreactions all over.  Sam is back after one drive, sucks after one pass.  I dont give a shlt what a handful of fans spew

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3 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Youre comparing the two OL and what the QBs face when the other team blitzes?  

They have the same choices to beat the blitz?

LOL, we're reaching full bore now

Free rusher against Minshew and he read it and looked the other way and got rid of the ball accurately and quickly. Darnold hasn’t done that.

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