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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.


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7 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

Darnold can both be not the reason we’re losing this game, and not the answer at QB.

He's currently playing his 17th career game.  I think you would be the first to point out just how bad the Jets roster has been in those 17 games.  He's had plenty of instances of good play, plenty of poor play.  He's played under two awful coaches.

If you think you've seen enough to give up on him, more power to you.  That seems a bit ridiculous to me, but he certainly has not proven he doesn't have a way to go.

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So, according to the apologists, even when the line holds up and Darnold throws into coverage it's the OL's fault.

Well, that would be the definition of "apologist" so I think I have that right.

You can't at one be at once "Franchise QB" and "turnover machine". Darnold shows the maturity of ANY QB with his amount of experience. No more or less. Darnold has a ways to go before anyone can rightly anoint him "franchise qb" his record hasn't earned it. He still has potential...but his head is not there yet.

my God, if Geno Smith had done this...

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2 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

Oh my god, oh my god! He actually admitted it, guys! HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED IT!


I've talked about his poor decisions plenty of times..  everyone ignores that and pretends all I do is praise him.  Way too exhausting and unnecessary to correct you guys all the time so I let it go.

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31 minutes ago, RSJ said:


Its not just the OL. Darnold escaped a sack and threw a horrible pick. Darnold is not prepared and still making rookie decisions.

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He threw a pick that even a veteran QB will make - can't blame for running for his life and trying to make a play.  Yes, it was a mistake  , but the OL has take the most blame.

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8 minutes ago, sourceworx said:

Darnold is running for his life. This O-LINE is terrible.

They should just sit him and play the backup (whoever that is right now) don’t ruin him any further, and do something to fix the Oline in the off season 

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