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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.

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If you watch this game and think Darnold is the issue, or even remotely close to the issue, you are crazy.  

Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.

God damnit, Darnolds a bust again!

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1 minute ago, Pac said:

I've talked about his poor decisions plenty of times..  everyone ignores that and pretends all I do is praise him.  Way too exhausting and unnecessary to correct you guys all the time so I let it go.

Shark Jumper.

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3 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

Oh, he still is. Edoga just isn't any better.

Beachum is a serviceable middle of the pack LT which is light years better than what's going on the last couple weeks.  It's just a cursed year.. Haven't seen the likes of it since the Brooks Bollinger year.

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1 minute ago, HawkeyeJet said:

He's currently playing his 17th career game.  I think you would be the first to point out just how bad the Jets roster has been in those 17 games.  He's had plenty of instances of good play, plenty of poor play.  He's played under two awful coaches.

If you think you've seen enough to give up on him, more power to you.  That seems a bit ridiculous to me, but he certainly has not proven he doesn't a way to go.

Yes, the team is trash, but that doesn’t excuse the dumb stuff he does with the ball.

I wouldn’t necessarily draft a QB high next year, because there are so many needs, so we’re talking about opinions, not a plan, with regard to “giving up.”

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Talked to a Colts Pre-Game host this morning for about an hour, whos an ex Colt offensive lineman (played with Jonothan Harrison). 

Had some interesting insights. 

- He was convinced Darnold will be just fine and highly complimentary of him, even considering his bad games. 

- Thought Kalil was a huge mistake over Harrison (Could be because they are friends, but the way he talked about him sounded very unbiased). 

- Trashed Kelechi. He said from his point of view, it was sour grapes over getting benched, and as a "brother in the trenches", he very much disagreed with how Kelechi handled the situation and felt his agent was driving the narrative. 

- Thinks JD is the absolute right guy to correct the roster given time, and was with the Ravens for awhile while JD was there. 

- Suprisingly loves Adam Gase, pretty complimentary of him. Kind of surprised me coming from someone outside of the organization. 

Mind you, this is an opposing team's ex offensive lineman with no dog in the race and he seemed to have a good pulse on what was going on. Not saying he was right/wrong about any of his opinions but thought you guys may like to hear it. 

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1 minute ago, HighPitch said:

So im at the beach. Doesn’t  sound good. Again.

how bout that quinnen is he playing is he sucking?!


Enjoy the beach. Don’t let Sunday football ruin it for ya

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17 minutes ago, Gen X Jet said:

Get Darnold out of the game if you are not going to scheme protection for him.

It gets to the point where you got to be a smart football QB. There's such a thing as presnap reads

If the coach who is on the sideline has to do every single f'ing thing or sh*t wont work, then maybe the qb is just playing like sh*t.

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