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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.


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6 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Gase ruined Tannehill by repeatedly injuring him and putting him on IR. 

Sound Familiar?

Wonder how Darnold feels today.

Stats don’t lie, homers do. Tammy was better before Gase.

Now post your usual Gase excuses and let’s move on.

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1 minute ago, JTJet said:

- Suprisingly loves Adam Gase, pretty complimentary of him. Kind of surprised me coming from someone outside of the organization. 

That's kind of the problem..people like Manning who have never had Gase coach them keep buying into his reputation and saying how good he is..

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Just now, shawn306 said:

The Jets can’t throw anything more than three yards. Darnold has no time. 

It might help if they ran a quick screen or gasp maybe a delayed draw, or how about running the ball some more ?

there is no scheme that can trick/hide that you cannot block.


show me one coach, one season....   doesn't exist

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Just now, TeddEY said:

Yes, the team is trash, but that doesn’t excuse the dumb stuff he does with the ball.

I wouldn’t necessarily draft a QB high next year, because there are so many needs, so we’re talking about opinions, not a plan, with regard to “giving up.”

I completely agree.  He is too careless with the ball.  I truley believe part of that is he knows the only chance the Jets have to win games is if he makes plays all the time and he forces throws trying to make plays. If the entire weight of the offensive success wasn't centered on his ability to escape and make plays, I don't think he'd force as much.

I could be completely wrong about that 

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