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***The Official*** NY Jets-Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread.

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It'd going to be interesting to see how much Vyncint Smith plays today.  If it's a lot then Robby is going to be traded.  Smith would be his replacement in the lineup and I for one am excited to see him get more action. 

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If you watch this game and think Darnold is the issue, or even remotely close to the issue, you are crazy.  

Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.

God damnit, Darnolds a bust again!

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1 hour ago, section314 said:

Harbough save his job last night? They looked really, really good.

Maybe. Those Golden Domers melted in the rain like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz though. I expected a better showing. You know who Harbaugh has to beat to make it a no-brainer. Don't see that happening.

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The Jags are not a very good team but the Jets are infinitely WORSE. I can't see any way the Jets can win this game other than Sammy having an out of body great day like he had against the Cowboys. The problem is, Sammy is coming off his worst performance as a pro and I think those "ghosts" are still lingering with him. Jets have a horrible roster with almost no talent at all. Jags win this game with relative ease.

Wait the Mac supporters said this is a playoff roster.
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