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Montana wanted $100,000 for MVP appearance


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3-time MVP Montana turns down star-studded get-together

Ira Miller, Chronicle Staff Writer, sfgate.com

Monday, February 6, 2006

Detroit -- Joe Montana, the only three-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, was one of only three Super Bowl MVPs who turned down the NFL's invitation to take part in pregame ceremonies for Super Bowl XL.

Montana also declined the league's invitation for a news conference with all the MVPs after Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's Friday news conference.

"We were disappointed we weren't able to work it out with him," said Greg Aiello, the NFL's vice president of public relations.

The former MVPs were guaranteed $1,000 for incidental expenses while in Detroit. The NFL also provided each former Super Bowl MVP with two first-class airplane tickets, a hotel room, a Cadillac for the weekend, two tickets to the game, two tickets to the Friday night commissioner's party, two tickets to a Saturday night party and two tickets to a Sunday tailgate party. There also were opportunities for paid appearances arranged by the NFL.

To sources close to the league said Montana refused to attend over money. One of the sources said Montana asked for a guarantee of at least $100,000 for appearances if he came here, and the league said it would not make that guarantee. Tom Brady, who has won the Super Bowl MVP award twice, handled the coin toss to start the game, making him the first active player to perform that chore.

MVPs representing 32 of the 39 previous Super Bowls were on hand. Besides the 49ers' Montana, the only ones missing were Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw (a two-time MVP), Jake Scott (a Miami defensive back who was MVP in SB VII) and the late Harvey Martin (a Dallas defensive lineman who was co-MVP in SB XII). The issue with Bradshaw also reportedly was money; Scott is on vacation in Australia.

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Lets see, 4 guys dont show.

One is a dead guy, OK he is excused.

The second is on vacation is Australia, probably booked way before NFL gave a whiff of this idea. he is also excused.

The third and fourth are dudes with obvious money PROBLEMS,,,

Bradway is on record with borderline bankruptcy issues and sevarl exwives he has to pay. Along with dependency issues tha thave severly hit his pocketbook.

Montana, well lets put it this way, any guy who is 49 years old and does that recent FEDEX commercial where he appears in a uniform MUST be having money problems. He wants to leave his public with a image of a old fart with a sagging ass for a few bucks. Memo to Joe: Old guys don't look good in football pants.

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From the article. All of the tickets, airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc. sound nice. Sounds like they don't have to spend a dime the whole weekend. I can understand if someone is having money issues, but one would think that the weekend would be a good opportunity to network and possible get some side deals going.

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I hate Notre Damers

but get off JM's back

the guy has like 6 ex wifes, man he needs to pay some bills, why do you think he is endorsing the football on the rubberband thingamaging?

The shaving cream commercials with Joe were classic, these ones with Cindy are god awful.

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Brady > Montana

wow talk about delusional...

anyway, what Montana wants to do is his own business and no one has the right to rip him for this.

He's been there, done it, done it again, and if he dont want to come back it's his own choice.

Maybe dude was chilling out with his family and did not feel like flying to nasty Detroit for a weekend. That's his right.

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