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Trade Deadline Thread


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2 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

What did JD do to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl if he was that important to the organization why did Jeffrey  Lurie would have let him go

A piece of the puzzle not an integral part. 

Uhhhhh... because I don't think organizations are allowed to block employees from leaving if their new position is a promotion?

And it's certainly not in good form.

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3 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

Joe, just a public service announcement here-This is a response you made to another poster:

"Learn Football".

Maybe it is YOU, that needs to self reflect.

I genuinely think he's incapable.

And that's not an insult.

The truth just hurts.

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I said two hours ago that this wasnt gonna happen and the reports were garbage.  jets aren't giving away their top players.  Just because some 20 year old blogger said the deal was DONE doesn't mean that was the reality.  Im also glad they aren't giving away robby for anything less than their 2nd round asking price.  I

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Just now, varjet said:

My impression at this moment is that the Jets do not have a grip on what their players are worth and someone is obsessing about that other players were traded for.

It also appears that the better prices were paid earlier in the process.  

9 minutes. 

Or, they have a price on what their players are worth, and did not receive that offer in return..

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