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Barry McCockinner

Grade the Leo Williams Trade

What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade  

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  1. 1. What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade

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The most disappointing thing about Leo is his motor and desire. When drafting you really need to be wary of a player who is so naturally gifted that he can physically dominate most college opponents without really working too hard at it because when they get to the NFL, natural gifts are not enough. Everyone is freakishly naturally gifted in the NFL. To be a top Defensive front 7 player in the NFL, you need a relentless motor and an unquenchable desire to be the best.  Leo didn't have that.

Worse yet, I fear Q is cut from the same cloth. Nice kid. Truly gifted. Never had to work really, really hard to succeed. 

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On 10/28/2019 at 3:23 PM, Jetfan13 said:

U guys r all idiots. Wanna know why we don’t have any stars? Because they know we will just trade them away before resigning them and they will get more money somewhere else so why bother working hard.

Other than Damon Harrison (who left in free agency but should have been re-signed), who are these players the Jets have traded who became stars elsewhere? I'm anxious to learn their names. Perhaps Mac and Idzik were better drafters than they get credit for.

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