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Barry McCockinner

Grade the Leo Williams Trade

What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade  

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  1. 1. What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade

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Yea, its really quite excellent compensation.  You are looking at an average to below average team, so a middling 3.  The other pick is the following year, so you can consider it as a 6th round this year that can become a 5th rounder this year.

So going by the draft chart, we have 190 points + 34 points on the high end, or  21 points on the low end.  Which basically makes the compensation an early 3.. 

This is roughly the same as the Sheldon Richardson compensation package in total value.  Which is excellent, b/c I don't think Williams ever showed that type of production, and Richardson had more contract room (although we didn't eat his contract like we did here).

That was about as good as we could have hoped for.  It very easily could have been a high 3 or an early 4, which means there was probably a bidding war.

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