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Grade the Leo Williams Trade

What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade  

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  1. 1. What Grade to you give Douglas for the Leo Trade

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I’m not trying to be a wise guy here. But, I think the main reason we don’t have many stars, is because we tend to not draft very good players. 

Has to be an A for a player we were not going to resign.

A+   thank God for Gettleman

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Good compensation for a guy who never even came close to living up to his draft position. Leo seemed like a good locker room guy and was durable but just never caught on good luck to him but this was a solid move

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It currently doesn’t help the team and I don’t know who they’re going to draft with the picks so it’s impossible to grade.
If they get a pro bowler with one of the picks it would be an A if they get 2 guys who never see the field it would be an F and in between depending on how good the players drafted are. 

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He got the max value he could have gotten out of Leonard Williams.  No contending team was going to give us a 2.  Thus, its an A.  

Those who are saying anything less than an A either think value was left on the table (nope) or are tacking on blame for Williams being taken # 6 overall and failing here under 2 regimes on Joe Douglas.  

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It’s an A but it’s built on another F selection by Macc so hard to be jubilant

Incredibly 9 short months ago Leo was held out by Macc supporters (yes, they existed) as one of Macc’s good moves.

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B. I think we will see a differance without leo plus quinnen hasn't been able to stay healthy. The season has not been a good one for us but we are approaching the easiest part of it and the best thing we could do for darnold and the rest of our locker room is win games. The compensation is pretty good for a player we were not going to resign and is on the last year of his contract.

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Just now, New York Mick said:


What was the alternative?  Sit Leo down in a contract year?  All offseason we had people telling us that the breakout year was coming from Leo now that a "real DC" was here.  It never happened.  Luckily, Dave Gettleman is dumb.  

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