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Fantasy Coaching staff

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Since the jets suck and we all seem to hate Gase (tbf he was dealt a real sh*t hand with this horrid OL & the injury/illness bug this season). But none the less... if you were setting up a coaching staff, top to bottom, who’d you bring in? Now if you really wanna go into detail with assistants and all that good stuff feel free. Doesn’t have to be realistic - they just have to be alive, HCs can be on another team as a coordinator if you so choose that route.

HC - Eric Bieniemy (current chiefs OC)

OC - Steve Sarkasian (Current Alabama OC)

DC - Rex Ryan (I can dream)

QB coach - Chris Wienke (Director at IMG Madden Football Academy, known as a big time QB Guru)

WRs Coach - Hines Ward (already on staff)

OL Coach - Jeff Saturday (was the center who protected Manning on Colts)

DL Coach - Michael Strahan (no introduction needed)

LB coach - Bart Scott

DBs Coach - Id say Revis but I don’t think he has personality to be a coach. Aaron Glenn maybe?



I know this is a super mixed bag of coaches that at least half of em prob never happen, but it’s a fun little thing to do while we keep losing.



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