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Report: Jets Ready to Move on From Le’Veon


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In a somewhat surprising development at 1 Jets Drive, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News is reporting that the Jets haven’t ruled out the possibility of trading running back Le’Veon Bell before the NFL trade deadline arrives.

Sources: Jets looking to trade Le’Veon Bell before 4 pm deadline.

Story: https://t.co/WnsyYe8Vsm pic.twitter.com/UneQInsL7n

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) October 29, 2019

Bell is only in the middle of his first season as  Jet, but head coach Adam Gase has yet to find a way to get him fully involved in the offense, making him a valuable trade chip for a contender.  With the right coaching, Bell has proven himself to be one of the more versatile and dangerous players in the NFL.  As a Jet, Gase has made Bell invisible.  A trade is likely the best case scenario for both sides.

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This now seems to be contradicted by Connor Hughes.

Jets may not be looking to move him as much as teams are calling to see if he's available.  Contenders in need of a game-changing RB could be willing to pay a high price.....but would it be high enough to take away the one weapon that seems to be keeping Sam Darnold from getting murdered every single game?

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I think this echo's the Vernon Gholston/Woody story and confirms some of the mumblings we heard around FA and the draft.

Strategically, I think Gase prefers a one cut RB running behind man blockers.   One got the sense that Bell was a Mac/Johnson signing looking for pizazz.  

This would not be a bad trade.  

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3 minutes ago, SR24 said:

The cycle continues. Trade weapons to build the OL! so next year when we suck we can blame it on Sam not having weapons! 

Darnold as one more year here,  to see if he cant cut he mustard. At the moment he looks like a deer in the headlights.

I'm hoping he can recover? - I see his ceiling as a serviceable starter. if we are lucky Andy Dalton.

The fundamentals of this team don't exsist, build the trenches, then add things. We have had the worst drafting and GM'ing in the NFL for a decade.

No point keeping Bells if he gets a good offer take it. - He's not helping us this years and his trade value will never be higher.

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