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5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Joe Douglas should give Robbie a contract extension tomorrow just to burn Adams a little more 

Honestly if Robby is in the plans for the future the smartest thing Joe D could do right now is sign him lol would prove a point 

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Kind of stunning, actually, considering that Robby and LeVeon had everything to gain by being traded off this shipwreck. Bell—an aging back with one year left on a sh*tty deal— could have gone to the Chiefs and scored twenty TDs over the next eight weeks. Robby Anderson—who’s a free agent after the season—could have gone to the 49ers or Texans and been a star. Instead, they’re both stuck here, in offensive hell, and they’re both talking about how happy they are to be here. Meanwhile, Adams has 2 1/2 years left on his deal and was the one we know wanted out, and he’s pissed that he’s stuck here. What a douche canoe. @#27TheDominator

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