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This board can say what ever you want about Jamal (box safety, not a value position,can’t win a game on his own etc etc and so on and on and on) this does not change the fact that he’s a beast and one of if not the best safety in the league and I’m happy to have him (mouth or not glad he didn’t get traded)

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

So instead of taking the high road and apologizing for his stupid tweet, he doubles down to fully demonstrate the garbage fraud he actually is.  

GFY Jamal fanboys.  Done hearing you defend this guy.  

have to believe that douglass can't wait to trade him in March so he can turn a box safety into weapons and protection for sam.

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

He doesn't want to be here.  He's a loser and is going to be toxic to the locker room the rest of the season.  Regardless of what you think about his talent, nothing he's doing is right.  He's a two-faced fraud.  

He had no problem while we were busy talking to Dallas.  Not a peep out of him around the trade deadline.  Then he finds out we didn't take the offer for him, and he tries to make Joe Douglas the enemy.  What a POS.  

he has realized several things:  1) the jets are not a relevant team and he craves relevancy above all else, 2) the gm who drafted him is gone, and 3) he's not going to get the 2nd contract he craves from the new gm.  

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