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My Avs Suck Pondwater


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I demand Peter Forsberg back

Pierre Lacroix chose signing Rob Blake over Fopa, maybe the biggest blunder in hockey this year

I actually watched 2 periods of game on NBC on saturday

To be honest the game lacked quite a bit

I long for the day these 2 teams were hated rivals, the Lemieux brawls were awesome. The hitting was ferocious

this game was like watching croquet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GGG like my new avatar.

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It would be nice if he could stay healthy. :Nuts: He doesn't do us alot of good sitting on the bench. The flustration on this team is at an all-time high. With the fans, too.

Love your avatar, afosomf. xoxoxoxo

As long as Fopa is healthy for playoffs, is all that matters... home ice advantage means zilch

Ottawa is my pick to win it all, they are very good

the one thing i hate about direct tv is they dni the canadian stations and hockey night in canada has awesome hockey coverage.

ESPN needs to step up to the plate and start covering again. This Outdoor network is a joke.

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