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Predict Sam Darnold's Stats For Sunday


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The drop off in talent level from every other team the Jets have played this year to the Dolphins is so extreme coupled with the Gase revenge factor that anything other than a dominating performance from all facets of the team should lead Gase to the unemployment line.

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Against the Steelers the Dolphins ran a blitz scheme similar to what we saw from the Pats with LBs all standing in the box and then some rushing and some dropping but for the most part they really blitzed Rudolph. 

The difference for the Jets this week is that the dolphins blitzes aren’t as good and their secondary is atrocious (they put Howard on IR this week). If Sam, Gase and our OLine cannot handle this defense, regardless of the scheme that Flores throws at them then there will be a much more legitimate concern about Sam and Gase should be fired immediately no questions asked.  

They need to keep the offense simple, utilize Bell and get Sam back on track. 20-25 250 2tds would be fine with me. 

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9 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Against the Dolphins? The winless, tanking Dolphins?


412 yards

4 TDs 0 ints

38 yards rushing and 1 TD on a 12 yard run

Gase calls off the dogs midway thru the 4th, Jets win 44-3



48 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

35-42  412 Yards - 4 TDs  0 Ints... 

Bell - 126 Yds 1 TD - 8 catches for 57 Yards 1 TD

Herndon - 5 - 60 yds - 1 Td

Anderson - 7 - 148 Yds - 2 Tds

Crowder - 11 - 115 Yads

Great minds think alike....

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