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New York Jets QB Sam Darnold,10.31


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New York Jets QB Sam Darnold,10.31


On if his thumb has given him any issues during practice...

No, it's been good in practice so far, so I don't see any issues.


On if the brace is comfortable for him to wear...

Yeah, it's super comfortable. Again, with the whole toe thing last week and now the toe is finally healthy and now, I have a thumb deal. But, again, the training staff and all the guys working over there have been doing a great job of getting it ready for the game and also preparing whatever I need to wear for the game, so I've been wearing it in practice and it's feeling really good.


On if it feels like one thing after another this season for him...

Yeah, to an extent. The (mononucleosis) thing, obviously, you don't see coming. Then, the toe is what it is. It happens a lot in football. Then, the thumb, was really, just not a good decision by me. I should've thrown the ball away. So, things there that that last one I can control, the thumb one, I should've thrown it away. But, other than that, it's just football.


On what he feels like the offense needs to do to get going...

We need to execute. We need to take what we do in practice and I say it every week, we need to do what we do in practice and make sure that it translates to the game and if we do that, we'll be just fine.


On why he thinks there's a disconnect from practice to the game...

I don't know. I think for us, when we get in the game, we've got to relax and just remember what the coaches taught us, remember our fundamentals and our technique at the same time and put all those things together and go out there and execute and put together good drives. If we have a really good drive and we go down and score, not be satisfied with that, go down and do it every single time.


On how important it is to get Le'Veon Bell more involved...

Very important. Le'Veon is a great player. We need to get him involved, but we also need to do it naturally. In my progression, if he's late in the progression and I get to him, so be it. But if I don't and I find an open guy, he's not going to be the type of guy to complain about it. He just wants to win. Everyone on this team wants to win. However we can do that, I think, him and the entire team would just be happy with that.


On how the team avoids trying to do too much...

Yeah, I think that kind of goes back to when we get in the games, just relax and understand that we've got to make it like practice out there and remember exactly what our coaches tell us and just go out there and do our job. I think if every single guy, including myself, if we don't go out there and try to do too much, we'll be just fine.


On what he can do to avoid being among the most pressured and hit quarterback in the league...

Just get the ball out. I've got to get the ball out faster. I also think that we could sure up protection in terms of where the free guy is coming from and all that kind of stuff. I think I can be on top of that. But again, I've just got to get the ball out.


On if he senses going back to Miami is a big deal for Adam Gase...

He's been the same. I guess you'll have to ask him about that.


On how much better he has to be pre-snap in identifying defenses...

Yeah, need to be a lot better there. Again, just communicating with the guys, getting set and we need to start rolling. We need to start being faster at the line of scrimmage and the tempo needs to be a lot better for sure.


On why they aren't going with a hurry-up offense more often...

I think for us, we work so hard during the week to put together a gameplan and we practice so hard on what we're going to do in the game, so we want to go out there and execute that. I think just the two-minute drive and when we're going fast, I think it tires out those defensive players a little bit. It's something that we've been really good at and we've just got to continue to do that, continue that success.


On how he gets into the right mindset before a game...

I think, for me, when I go out there, I've just got to remember it's a game. Have fun. Play fast and obviously, I've got to understand the protection, coverage, where things are coming from, if we're getting pressure. But, again, I've just got to go out there, have fun and remember it's just a game.


On what stands out to him about the Miami defense...

Really tough, really physical, little banged up in the secondary. But the guys who've been playing have been doing a really good job of stepping in. So, we've got to be lights out with what we're doing and if we do that, we'll be good.


On if he anticipates seeing a lot of the same looks against Miami's defense as he saw against New England...

Obviously, with (Brian) Flores coming from the Patriots, maybe. But, for us, we feel like teams have kind of been playing us a little bit different than what we've been seeing on tape. So, I guess we'll just have to see once we get out there.


On if practice is really different than games...

I think for us, mentally, it's got to feel the same because if it doesn't, if there's not a lot of stress in practice, then the last couple games, those kinds of games are going to continue if we don't put stress on ourselves in practice. So, we've got to make it as game-like as we can and I think we've been doing a better job of that this week.


On what he means by teams are playing them different then what he sees on film...

I think defensive coordinators know how good Coach Gase is with just getting guys open. So, they try to just play us a little bit differently with that kind of stuff. So, again, for me, I think it's just about getting the ball out and reacting to that kind of stuff. I think that goes along with playing fast and just having fun out there.


On the interception against Jacksonville when Austin Calitro pressured…

Just a miscommunication. It was my fault. We've got to be better there and we will be.


On if he has noticed any impact on the players from this past week with the trade deadline...

No, I think our guys do a really good job of just understanding that they can control what they can control. It's no bigger for us than that. That's really all I've got to say. Again, it is what it is. There's nothing else we can control.


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"We need to execute. We need to take what we do in practice and I say it every week, we need to do what we do in practice and make sure that it translates to the game and if we do that, we'll be just fine. "

When I see we need to execute it means the other team has us figured out and is something the coach is telling him.

What you do i practice does not work in games if the other team does things to counter it.

Good coaching vs bad coaching.

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54 minutes ago, 20andOut said:

sounds ok to me for a 22 year old under a sh*tload of pressure right now

I saw the interview and Darnold seemed sort of beaten down. I didnt like the hurry up answer it sort of confirmed what we have seen that Gase has a game plan and does not really adjust it during the game.

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