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So After Seeing 2 Weeks Of Festivities in Detroit

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Honestly, i didnt pay too much attention to the pregame buildup, except for the occasional weather report we got from Guns, and the Porter-Jerammy dude sh!t going on.

Some guy called the radio and said he wasnt comfortable standing outside in 20 degree weather waiting to get into the dome, "in the ghetto".

I thought Seattle did a good job keeping the crowd out of the game in the first half, and it didnt seem crazy there, although it appeared there were many Steeler fans there, and less corporate types.

There were no bad stories that came out about Detroit during the two weeks, which is good thing.

I think there was a focus on the game itself, two evenly matched teams who could bring it.

Too bad imo the game was marred by the reffing, and unfortunately, I came away from the game feeling the Seahawks had gotten hosed; I was hoping for a better show by the league, but that had nothing to do with the city of Detroit.

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