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*** Jets vs Dolphins official game day Thread ***

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4 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Hi just chiming in.

im at the beach again his sunday. Hitting the hot tub here in a few. Got a jai alai for the hot tub.


i see i made the right decision again

you misspelled jay ajayi

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2 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

This is a high bar to clear, but it may be the Jetsiest thing of my lifetime. Every inch of stupid rolled up into one decision

A coach who combines Rex's gravitas, Mangini's interpersonal skills, and Herm's offensive acumen paired with a quarterback who combines Mark Sanchez's track record, Mark Sanchez's skill set, and Mark Sanchez's aversion to prophylactics. You can't get a ******* Gregg Williams joke in edgewise. It really is something.

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