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*** Jets vs Dolphins official game day Thread ***

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"They have had no answers for Ryan Fitzpatrick" is the worst sentence I've heard watching a Jet game since "Vinny is down".

Two throws from the 3 yard line with Le'veon Bell sitting right next to him in the backfield. EVERY week our game plan is, hey Sam, go overcome the worst OL in the NFL.  Go overcome a very poor W

Safety help? You crazy? Who gonna make tackles and complain about being shopped? Priorities bitches.

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Happy happy joy joy on the TD.

That call though is what bothers me about Gase.  You just got done talking all week about using Bell.  Use him.  It's as if Gase has a burning need to show everyone how good Darnold is instead of actually setting him up to succeed 

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23 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

I wonder if teams actually prep for officiating crews each week. They impact the game so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if that is part of the weekly prep. Refs are ruining the game. 

It's well known the Patriots do and have a guy on staff whose only job is study officiating crews and their tendencies. Gilmore did an interview recently talking about it and what a difference there is between Rex's defense in Buffalo in which he said they didn't really watch film together or get briefed on the refs/opponent/opposing players/etc like they do on the Patriots. 

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