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*** Jets vs Dolphins official game day Thread ***

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2 minutes ago, AbstraKt said:


Was at that game; was the weekend after John Lennon was murdered. Bone-chilling day at that windswept dump, and as a dumb ass teen, wore a denim jacket and not much else. . Ken Stabler was the Saints' QB. Later said he and Richard Todd got piss drunk the night before. They had a better time than anyone who paid to see it. 

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"They have had no answers for Ryan Fitzpatrick" is the worst sentence I've heard watching a Jet game since "Vinny is down".

Two throws from the 3 yard line with Le'veon Bell sitting right next to him in the backfield. EVERY week our game plan is, hey Sam, go overcome the worst OL in the NFL.  Go overcome a very poor W

Safety help? You crazy? Who gonna make tackles and complain about being shopped? Priorities bitches.

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Just now, carlito1171 said:

because we didnt hire a head coach.....we hired an offensive playcaller(a very overrated one might I add)

But there is definitely something wrong with him psychologically...being serious; something is off with him

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Just now, PS17 said:

I really don’t get it. How out of touch can they be? Does Goodell not sit down every Sunday and think “holy sh*t these games are a struggle to get through”? Even when good teams play.


I can’t believe I’m saying it but baseball has become my favorite sport again and I quit watching for nearly a decade out of boredom. 

MLB takes forever. NFL is getting there. Not a fan of the NBA, but it's 2 hours and you're done.

NHL moves even faster. Know it's not everyone's first choice to watch, but fast becoming mine. 

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