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New Salary Cap Page


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Hey I just want to say thank you to Tony! He is our newest JetNation.com partner. He will be doing our cap page.

When we launch the new site we are going to take a copy of it and putting it on our server. But in the meantime I put a link on the Nav Bar...

Just click on JN Salary Cap Page Link on the NavBar above!

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Hey ...just wanted to say hello to you all. I 'lurk' here and other places as much as I can.

As for the page, I am in the process of updating my database and plan to break out the Bonus Salary column on the page into 2 colums:

-straight signing bonus yearly proration

-other bonuses (roster, workout, etc.)

I don't get a chance to post everyday, but like i said I try to read everyday. Seems like I spend about 2-3 hours catching up on stories, posts, etc every day!!

One last thing, I know the page isn't 100% accurate and never will be. If you see any inaccurate information, the quickest way to get it to me is via PM. Please provide a link to the info if you can.

I consider the page to be owned by the fans, so feel free to participate.


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