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Darnold is finished

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13 minutes ago, funaz said:

There isn't any coming back for this kid. I know you don't want to say it out loud, but your know it, you see it. Darnold is a broken, busted QB and he is never going to recover. He may bounce back and have a few good games but he will never be anything beyond an Andy Dalton type QB if we are even lucky. The Pats exposed him so badly, he is now a meme and a joke and he is getting worse every week. 

Even last year when he had that 4 "amazing" games the Jets still lost 3 of them. The team has a LOT of problems right now, but our biggest one is QB and the quicker we accept the better and the sooner we can start turning this around. It might not be with gase, but hopefully the GM can make some hard decisions and move on from Darnold this off season. 

That’s such a great analysis of a QB who has played a grand total or 17 NFL games. 22years old with an Oline that can’t block a bunch of senior citizens on a good day.

Give me a break.

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