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Stop Crying over this abomination


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Rhule, Monken, McCarthy and any/every other HC we interviewed that we ended up shunning for Adam Gase. Those guys “were” interested but now they would chose any other franchise than the JETS. 

Its time to stop whining about it and move on


i was anti-Gase and Pro McCarthy. I remember and saw everything that he was able to to with a turnover machine Favre and a poor deep ball, inaccurate Aaron Rodgers. We were in a situation where we needed to develop and grow Sam and we chose the wire candidate. 

Its time to stop talking about Rhule. .... McCarthy..... Monken - that ship has sailed. The next HC of the Jets is going to be someone that, hopefully Big Joe Douglas chooses and can turn this sh*t show of an organization and team around. 

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Funny  how we get these stupid move on comments every year for 20 years.

Screw that, move on means free pass. 

The only  way to effect real change is to not move on.

I've seen this sh*t show with other teams I follow.

We've been moving on for 30 years.  Time to take it up a notch and not be content with complaining about the coach or the gm or the QB.

The owners should be getting it with both barrels every week from fans and the gutless media.

Too bad the media is always at least 2 to 3 years behind the people that seem to know something, that being the fans.

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