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Thoughts on the Jets Implosion

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2 hours ago, Scoop24 said:

It doesn’t matter who you have at QB if the line can’t block anyone and have a sh*t offensive scheme . You guys love looking around at teams who put there young QBs in successful situations and swear they would be the same here and it’s a false train of thought . Look at the chiefs today They didn’t miss a beat with Matt Moore who just came off his couch . That Oline and that coaching staff allows for QB’s to thrive . 

Could have stayed where you were and drafted Quentin Nelson and traded back into end of round 1, where you would have only had to move up a few spots from Rd 2 #5 to go to Rd 1 #32 and had LJax....doubtful would have ever been a thought process, but reasonable.

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