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Thoughts on the Jets Implosion

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I haven't seen anything inspiring from Douglas so far.  I know he was put in a tough spot and I'm certainly not writing him off - but the little I have seen hasn't been good.

  • Khailil signing (could have been out of desperation, so I can understand it)
  • Not having multiple kickers in camp (probably cost them a week 1 win)
  • Not tearing it down last week and taking your 2 #1's for QW and Adams (as Beerfish noted above)
  • Handling of Osmele injury/surgery issue
  • Handling this whole Adams drama

Again, he was dealt a real sh--ty hand...so I'm trying hard not to judge him - but from what I've seen so far I have no reason to think he's the savior either.


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1 minute ago, Joe W. Namath said:

I agree.  But gase is the mastermind behind all of this.  He is the dmporer, douglas is only vadar.

The slate can be wiped clean if chris johnson sets up the power structure of him, then douglas, then head coach.

Then we all give douglas a clean slate and get behind him 100%.

I am prepared to get 100% behind Douglas if Gase is gone.  

If Gase is here and really the puppet master then Douglas doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, if he's not strong enough to be his own man then he shouldn't be running an NFL franchise.

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