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Thoughts on the Jets Implosion

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Jets can create ~$80-85 million in cap room by cutting dead weight.

Go out and sign the 2-3 best o-lineman in free agency.  Move Edoga back to RT.

Use the 2nd rounder on the best center in the draft.

Use the 1st rounder on o-line too, unless Chase Young is on the board.

Trade Adams for a pick that nets us a 1st round cornerback.

Get a coach in here who understands how to build a real offense from the ground-up, starting with the line.

Doing all that can lay a foundation for a decent team in 2-3 years.  "Best player available" is BS.  The essentials are QB, OL, #1 WR, Edge rush, and CB.  Prioritize those, and all other positions can be filled in secondarily.


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