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Thoughts on the Jets Implosion

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8 hours ago, nycdan said:

I became a Ravens fan tonight.  Not as in I'm switching allegiances forever, but for this season.  I can't watch the Jets as they currently are.  I don't know yet if it's Gase, or Darnold, or the O-Line or just simply the incredible number of injuries that has broken this team to the point where they look so bad but I can't watch them right now.  The Ravens, however, I can watch.  They are what I hope this Jets team would have been this year, and maybe can become next year.  Exciting young QB, well run and well-coached.  Not a ton of name talent, but a lot of heart.  I like KC also, and would be happy to see either of them represent the AFC this year.  And if the Chargers can catch lightning in a bottle, I could root for them as well.

That's pretty much where I'm at now.  First time I've ever reached this point.  I'll hope that Gase goes and Douglas is the real deal and we can bring in a coach who can turn this around next season.  But if I'm going to watch football on the weekends right now, it can't be the Jets because whatever they are doing out there, it's not football.


Remember when everyone was calling Harbaugh a loser? Yeah... that was good stuff.

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