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darnold = major bust (as of Nov 4, 2019)

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On 11/4/2019 at 7:28 AM, FidelioJet said:

He looks a bill shell-shocked right now but calling him a bust is beyond absurd.

He's 22, just played his 18th games, behind, what many are calling, the worst offensive line they've ever seen - with a HC that really doesn't seem to grasp it.

Under the circumstances, as far as I'm concerned, he's playing well.

He'll be fine.

The problem with Darnold is with other College QBS. I remember when Sanchez came out of USC and his head coach. Pete Carroll, told him he wasn't for the NFL. And he was right. Sanchez only played 2 years and his coach seen flaws that could of been coached up in college. This also went for Darnold. He also needed to work on a few things since he only played two years as well. Yes he was more athletic than Sanchez but when he played better teams he used to get rattled. He could of came out a better player if he had one more year.   I really feel unless you were Luck out of Stanford you should stay for that final year. Even Luck did that with Stanford.  These QBS coming out should stay in college and get that refined year in especially if they played no games in their freshman year. I loved what the Oregon QB did this year.  

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