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darnold = major bust (as of Nov 4, 2019)

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There are lot of excuses for Sam in this thread. We've ALL used these EXACT SAME excuses in the past for either Geno, Sanchez, Pennington, even Fitzpatrick. You can reference these once in history exception to how Sam is playing right now and try to give yourself hope. 


The truth is he doesn't have it. Might not have ever had, but he certainly doesn't have it now and I don't see anyway he turns it around. The Pats game gave the blueprint on how to beat him, and it is iron clad and every team we played since is now copying it. You blitz him he folds. We can waste 2 more years and lots more excuses on this or we can just accept it and move on. 

Sam is one of the biggest problems of the 2019 Jets, not one of the pieces to build the future on. I'm not saying take our high pick and draft another qb, We have to fix a lot, but once we do it will be another QB who gets to benefit becuase Sam isn't it. 


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We were 1-3 in games Darnold played great. So stats wise he was fine, but he really wasn't great

Darnolds last 4 games of last year.  This wil go up in the rafters with gems like “Leo gets double teamed”, “Gase made the playoffs with the dolphins year 1” etc.
Become enlightened like the rest of us.  Instead of creating excuses and acting like outliers are who someone really is, become an agent of change.
Click on some manish articls, tune into benningo, donate to the cause man.  We accept you and want you with us.

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17 hours ago, phill1c said:


I said the very same thing about Geno Smith...let's just say it was not well received.

So, I'm DEFINITELY not buying it with Sam "the Turnover Machine" Darnold.

to be fair. It was obvious Geno was garbage from the second he took the field. Darnold at least most people were holding out hope for a year. 

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On 11/7/2019 at 6:52 PM, lounap23 said:

I think you and I define the word bust differently.  A bust to me is he didn't pan out and his career is over.   To date he's been inconsistent.


so far he's played 5 games.

2 bad games (NE and JAX)

1 Very good game (Dal)

2 good games (Buffalo and Miami)

Mia- Outside of the goal line pass he was very good with what he had to work with.  But a bone head play like that pisses people off I get it. But judging him solely on 1 play. One in which the OL blew their blocks and he had 2 free runners is silly IMO

Buff - One of the best Defenses in the NFL and him playing with Mono. Can't complain about his performance.  

2018 13 Games

5 bad games (Both Mia games, Chi,Cle and MIn)

4 very good games ( Den, Indy, GB, and Hou)

2 Good games ( Det and Buf)

2 average games ( NWE, Jax)


I can't use the word bust.   That to me is the final determination of Sam and his performances right now says the Jury is still out and with this OL I am not sure the blame falls on him alone for his performances yet.   we don't fix the OL Sam will be done after next year. We fix the OL and Sam may still be done after next year.  If the OL is improved I 100% believe Darnold will be much better. Now that's not saying he will be the franchise QB but put it this way if the OL is improved I would say Sam would have won the Buffalo game, the Miami game and the Jacksonville game.  And If the OL is improved and he consistently plays poorly still and loses games like that, then I will say he's a bust and it's time to move on


His very good game wasn't really a very good game. He almost single handely lost that game for us with a red zone pick. He was also putrid in the second half and failed to put the game away. You have to stop looking at the stats because it doesn't mean much. 


His four game stretch at the end of last year looked good on paper was severly lacking in that stretch. He also sh*t the bed against the Pats, and we were 1-3 when darnold was "great". He failed to win games when given opportunities. 

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