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darnold = major bust (as of Nov 4, 2019)

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9 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

but but but............ Sam Darnold is the best prospect to come out since luck.  

Hopefully now, Jet fans will see the qb we drafted for who he is.  He is Mitch Trubusky with one national tv rose bowl game against ND.

He didnt win a heisman because he wasnt very good.  he didnt go number 1 in the draft because he wasnt very good.

Sam Darnold is doing in the pros exactly what he did in college.  Only people who werent paying attention are surprised by this.


That article was an oped piece written by this guy. Not exactly Bill Belichick in terms of scouting credentials.


  • Jordan Schultz

    Jordan Schultz

    Jordan Schultz joined Yahoo Sports in 2017 as an NBA, NFL and NCAA basketball insider and analyst. He has previously covered sports for HuffPost, Bleacher Report, SiriusXM and SI Now. Jordan is a former college basketball player at Seattle University and Occidental College, and advanced to the "second stage" of the NBA D-League cut process. A way too proud Seattleite, Jordan resides in New York City with his wife, two children and four animals.

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7 hours ago, funaz said:

His very good game wasn't really a very good game. He almost single handely lost that game for us with a red zone pick. He was also putrid in the second half and failed to put the game away. You have to stop looking at the stats because it doesn't mean much. 


His four game stretch at the end of last year looked good on paper was severly lacking in that stretch. He also sh*t the bed against the Pats, and we were 1-3 when darnold was "great". He failed to win games when given opportunities. 

You can’t take a way the fact that Darnold played well in those games. It’s not Darnolds fault that the defense was terrible in all the games you referenced.

The knock against Darnold is consistency. To be fair he’s played about 4-5 games where he’s looked like the #3 pick in the draft. It gives you hope as a fan, but not assurance. I could pinpoint 4-5 games Sanchez and even Geno Smith looked really good as well. 

Darnold is going to get the rest of this year and next year to figure it out as he should. He’s only 22 and the organization invested a ton in him, but the clock is now ticking. He needs to show more than what he has, otherwise don’t be shocked to see him on the bench midway through next season a la Rosen and Mariota. 

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3 hours ago, Dunnie said:

Which is why the prudent thing to do is draft another QB if we end up with a top 6 pick this spring to compete with him.

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I’d rather use that pick to fill another need on the roster and hope Darnold can figure it out. Keep in mind the QB they draft has as much of a chance to be Sam Darnold or Mitch Trubisky as Pat Mahomes. 


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